May 10, 2014

Transcend beyond the boundaries…

So close, yet so far….
The knowing, the understanding…!
You touch the tip of realization…
And then you fall back once again in the depths of the grey.

When will one cross the line and
go beyond that boundary,
where there is light?
Where the wavelength of your mind,
aligns with that of your heart?
Where the heart leads your mind
and your mind leads your heart,
and both reach the same destination..!

When your actions have the same purity as the sunshine
and the same clarity of a raindrop,
When you are just you,
sans all the justifications you give….for your actions..
to your own self and to others…
When the whole world is part of your being
and you are the world inside out…!
When you have the same considerate view
for every wrong action done.. and for every right…
When you become non-judgmental about others’ conduct
and recognize…
that there is always a story behind every sin
and…every virtuous behaviour too!

When positivity flows
from every nerve, every fibre
and every cell of your being….. effortlessly..

When love is your language to deal with …
the world within you and the world around you…always!!!

Apr 17, 2014



Having faith in one self is to re-structure the thinking pattern of your brain to its original state… the way we are born with it… clear of all the doubts , fears and uncertainties.. thus setting a pattern of chemical reactions in it, which will help in utilizing its full potential… thus getting results which are surprising… positive and beyond regular expectations…. No miracles needed to set your life on the right path of progress… just believe in yourself, have faith and work hard!

Apr 8, 2014

Living life.....

Every single moment in life you are learning things, your  view points are being revised… you see things in different lights and hues… and you alone have to be the judge…and evaluate your own actions and gauge that of others… you alone have to weigh  and understand and differentiate the right from the wrong…. !

It is sometimes difficult and at times you end up with a paradigm shift in some of your own views regarding the worldly matters… though…. these kind of changes shouldn’t affect one as long as one’s own actions have been done with the purest and most honest and truthful intention and purpose….!

Life will go on and it will give one the strength to stand up against the world… if ever need be… and face it with the conviction which springs out of one’s faith and belief in one’s own strength and integrity…!

Jan 5, 2014

Farooque Shaikh...

Farooque Shaikh

December 29, 2013 at 2:29pm

Very difficult to imagine this world without actor Farooque Shaikh. I was surprised at my own reaction when I heard the sad news of his demise. Could n’t control my tears at all. Later was wondering to myself what was it that made me break down.

There was something about his films, his performance, his personality, the things and people associated with him, which made us feel relaxed about life in general. For me it was like…… if there are people like him in this world, the world is worth living in, that values still had some importance and you could still feel secure and happy in the thought that life is sunny and charming with people like him around….. people who are normal…. nothing extraordinary about them…. who too might be having a few negative shades in them (like the character he played in his film ‘katha’),yet .........the goodness in them is the driving force of their life.

And what a pairing it was……. Farooque and Dipti’s…. what chemistry… what warmth….. what purity….. what an equation they both shared!! I happened to watch some portion of their recent interview ……what bonding and what clear conscience came across of both personalities!

We need such people in this world of today who never compromise on their principles and who are happy in being themselves! This personal touch is what makes them different and alluring!

Farooqueji has left us all to embark on another journey.But  he has left for us the treasure of his film performances which will act as a balm whenever we need to gather ourselves and get up with a renewed strength when life throws a tough paper to solve every now and then!
May his next journey to the higher levels be as beautiful and may his family have the strength to go ahead in life with peace and with his memories as their guiding factor.

Nov 3, 2013

When the clouds of self-doubt gather around, pierce them with the sunrays of …faith and belief in your OWN SELF and thus clear the skies of your mind and calm down the deep pools of emotions in your   heart.

LIFE is a…..

LIFE is a…..

Life is a puzzle, a  jigsaw…….
A maze of winding lanes
A never-ending game,
when every action is a dice thrown,
to win a move of the brain.
But life is a simple pleasure…….
pure, wholesome, serene,
when every action springs
from the depths of your being,
without a single string
of selfish motive attached

to blur its sheen.

Architecture… of the soul personified.

Architecture is the symphony produced when all arts are tuned in by the Architect’s heart and soul and integrity to suit the needs of the user who shall become part of the space encompassed by it.

Every single passing day makes me fall in love with architecture deeper and deeper and every single moment of the day reveals newer ways of looking at Architecture.

Every single day I realize that I am still wandering on the outskirts of a deep, green forest, which is awaiting with open arms, to take me in its embrace, and lead me on to a journey of infinite discoveries , revelations and learning of the very essence of existence and of Architecture…..

Where….. every line drawn gives a glimpse of an ounce of a space and the feelings it would be nurturing in the future to come,

When every thought which drafts this line, envisions the world that would be created by this space, and breathes life into it…..